HAEMIL is an Australian family-owned company established in 2010 in Sydney. We are an innovative importing and wholesaling company that specializes in cosmetic, health, laundry products and kitchenware. From our beginnings in kitchenware we have diversified our business to include cosmetic, health and laudry products.

We have strength in our passion and use our cooperative retail network to supply the bset products to the final consumers. We have the experience, drive and enthusiasm to deliver the best services to both the consumers and the retailers.

Our mission is to provide exceptional value to our customers by listening to their needs, working hard to exceed their expectations and most importantly, giving them access to some of the best products the world has to offer. We will dedicate ourselves to providing beneficial and economic value to all of our customers.


  • MAY 2010: HAEMIL PTY LTD Established.

  • JUN 2010: Started wholesaling for Korean kitchenware.

  • DEC 2013: Started to trade European cosmetic and health products.

  • OCT 2015: Imported Dr. Beckmann products from German.

  • NOV 2015: Imported Talisman Designs Cherry Chomper from America.

  • May 2015: Business form changed. HAEMIL PTY LTD to S SHIM & E SHIN

  • JAN 2016: Trading Name HAEMIL registered.

  • APR 2016: Established business relationship with Swedish Almedahls AB.