Talisman Designs Cherry Chomper

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  • Designed for kids' use

  • Cute character shaped

  • Pits a cherry quickly and safely

  • Mess-free and kid-friendly device

  • Uses plunger-type action

  • Pushes cherry pit and residual juice into bottom container of pitter

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Cherry Chomper is the fun and easy way to pit cherries. Cherry Chomper features a plunger-type action that pushes the pit and the juice into Cherry Chompers bottom container so he is 100% mess-free. The protective tooth ensures that hands and fingers wont be touched by any of the components - making this item a great gadget for kids. Cherry Chomper stands six inches tall and comes in a four-color giftable box. Dishwasher Safe.

How to Use the Cherry Chomper

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  • Insert Cherry

  • Press Head Down

  • Release

  • Push Pitted Cherry Out